XV Latin American Robotics Competition

XIV Brazilian Robotics Competition

Touching virtual hexagons

Welcome to XV Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC) and XIII Brazilian Robotics Competition (CBR). LARC/CBR is composed by RoboCup Brazil Open and IEEE Latin American Robotics Contest. There are several challenges for soccer robots, service robots, logistics, education robots, rescue robots and others. Students and researchers can test your robots in any of these challenges. See the Categories that will be present in LARC/CBR 2017.

Call for papers

All teams should submit a Team Description Paper (TDP) to participate in LARC/CBR 2015. TDPs can be written in English or Portuguese.

Teams who do not submit a TDP or have their TDP rejected can not attend the event even if they have made ​​the payment of registration. Amounts paid will not be returned under any circumstances.

Teams from the same institution that participate in different categories, should submit different TDPs  for each category.

The TDP shall describe the ideas implemented in the team. You can describe the whole system or  focus on one or two main components. We recommend that the innovative and important topics or alternative approaches adopted by other teams to the same problem and topics that might interest the other teams are included in the TDP.

It is especially important to provide clear and objective explanations. You can assume that readers are familiar to general topics related to the category (description, rules, etc.) and focus your text on the important topics of your work. It should be explained the technical details of how your approach works so that other researchers can replicate your experiments and results. Thus all researchers can benefit from each other’s experiences presented.

TDPs Format

The TDP should have the same format as LARS.

MS Word template: ieeeconf_A4.dot

LaTex template: ieeeconf.zip

Number of Pages: 4 to 6 pages.

How to Submit your TDP

To submit your TDP go to www.sistemaolimpo.org and follow these steps:

1. Login or register to the System

2. After login you may see a pop-up screen to update your personal data. Update your data and save.

3. If you have not pre-registered your team yet, do this before submitting your TDP. See instructions in Registration.

4. Go to My interests and choose My jobs in LARC/CBR – Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition – 2015.

5. Click in the Edit button () of your pre-registered team. Be careful not to click in the Delete button ( ) by mistake !!!

6. Check if all your team members are already registered in the field Authors. If there are any missing team member, register him before continuing the TDP submission. See instructions in Registration.

7. In the field Questionnaire submission of work, fill in the TDP  title and the Summary TDP with your Abstract (up to 1.000 characters) in English or Portuguese.

8. Click in the button Select Files and choose your TDP .pdf file. Then click in the button write files to upload your TDP.

9. If you are sure you will not modify your TDP you can confirm your submission by clicking in the button Submit in Final. After this you should wait for the notification of acceptance or not of your TDP. Attention: Only teams whose TDPs are accepted can enroll in LARC/CBR 2015. So wait the notification of acceptance of your TDP before proceeding with payment of your registration fees. Registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.



Categoria: RoboCup Small Size Soccer (F180) Total equipes:


Maracatronics Pernambuco
Warthog Robotics SSL A São Paulo
RoboFEI Team SSL São Paulo
Cyros Robot Team Minas Gerais
FURGbot 2016 Team Description Paper Rio Gde do Sul
Categoria: RoboCup Soccer Simulation 2D


Total equipes:


NERDS da Fronteira – Soccer Simulation 2D Mato Grosso do Sul
Asimov Espírito Santo
Técnicas de Programação Aplicadas ao Desenvolvimento da Robótica Utilizando a Simulação de Futebol Minas Gerais
Team Description Paper Pmec Allejos Goiás
iBots 2016: Descrição do Time Tocantins
FCP_GPR_2016 Team Description Paper: Advances in using Setplays for simulated soccer teams. Paraná
Team Descriptive Paper ITAndroids 2D Soccer Simulation – Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica São Paulo
Categoria: RoboCup Soccer Simulation 3D Total equipes:


ITAndroids3D São Paulo
BahiaRT Bahia
UTBots3D Simulation Soccer Team 2016 Paraná
FC_Portugal Remote Participation
Categoria: RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League / Standard Platform League (SPL) Total equipes:


ITAndroids Humanoid KidSize São Paulo
UnBeatables Distrito Federal
RoboFEI HT São Paulo
Jaguar Humanoid F.C. Rio de Janeiro
TauraBOTS Rio Gde do Sul
EDROM Futebol Humanoide Minas Gerais
Categoria: RoboCup@Home Total equipes:


RoboFEI @Home São Paulo
CESAR VoxarLabs Pernambuco
BahiaRT @home Bahia
Equipe Ztronics (UNIP-DF) Distrito Federal
UTBot@Home 2016 Team Description Paper Uso do robô Pioneer 3-AT para tarefas domésticas Paraná
Categoria: RoboCup Festo Logistics Total equipes:


Jaguar Filhote Rio de Janeiro
JampaTino Paraíba
Maria na Festo Logistics Rio Grande do Norte
DROID – FESTO Distrito Federal
RoboSamba 2016 Team Description Paper São Paulo
Categoria: IEEE Humanoid Robot Racing (HRR) Total equipes:


EDROM Corrida Minas Gerais
RoboFEI HRR São Paulo
MechaJP – Humanoid Robot Racing 2016 São Paulo
TDP do Time Recife Racing Pernambuco
LarvicPrime Arequipa
PMec Humanoid Goiás
Bipeds Distrito Federal
X-Bautista Miyagi
Science Club Miyagi
ITAndroids Humanoid Racing São Paulo
Categoria: IEEE Open Total equipes:


ICARO Santiago Metropolitan
RoBorregos Nuevo León
DROID-Open Distrito Federal
TDP Open Equipe Pequi Mecânico 2016 Goiás
RôbTu Amapá
TDP: GIMu Rio Grande do Norte
Categoria: IEEE Standard Educational Kit (SEK) Total equipes:


NERDS da Fronteira – SEK Mato Grosso do Sul
Pequi Mecânico Goiás
Asimov (Sek) Espírito Santo
Showbótica Santa Catarina
TuxTeam San Luis Potosí
DROID SEK ksi Distrito Federal
DROID SEK Phi Distrito Federal
Team Description Paper – EDROM Minas Gerais
RDR (Rede de Desenvolvimento Robótico) Minas Gerais
NoSEK São Paulo
Anónimos Colonia
Categoria: IEEE Very Small Size Soccer (VSSS) Total equipes:


Caboclinhos Sergipe
ITAndroids VSS São Paulo
Rodetas Robô Clube Minas Gerais
Warthog Robotics VSS São Paulo
MechaJP – Very Small Size 2016 São Paulo
SirSoccer Rio de Janeiro
Equipe Jerimum de Futebol de Robôs Rio Grande do Norte
Aplicação e Desenvolvimento em Robótica e Inteligência Artificial. Minas Gerais
UnBall – Futebol de Robôs Distrito Federal
BahiaRT vsss Bahia
TDP Carrossel Caipira 2016 São Paulo
UFPBots Paraíba
TDP Equipe Pequi Mecânico VSSS – Futebol de Robôs – Categoria VerySmall Goiás
Rinobot Minas Gerais
Ararabots Azul Mato Grosso do Sul
RoboCIn Pernambuco
TDP da equipe Mini Tratores – UFRPE Pernambuco
Red Dragons UFSCar São Paulo
BDP VSSS Minas Gerais
Ultrabots Espírito Santo
POTI – UFRN Rio Grande do Norte
Fuzzy Control of an omni-directional Soccer Robot Paraná
NoSoccer São Paulo
Categoria: CoSpace Rescue Primary Total equipes:


SacraSpace Bahia
ApoioBot – CoSpace (Estratégia de programação) Pernambuco
Categoria: CoSpace Rescue Secondary Total equipes:


OpenSky Prime Amapá
SoLED Zeppelin Bahia
Categoria: OnStage Primary Total equipes:


Jaguar Baby Rio de Janeiro
Falcão Paraíba
Cuidado com o Aedes… Paraíba
Dance Primary Cidade Viva Paraíba
Equipe Ultron Rio Grande do Norte
Categoria: OnStage Secondary Total equipes:


Projeto de Robô para modalidade Dança, CBR 2016, Equipe Molibdênio São Paulo
Positronics Fênix Pernambuco
Robótica Educacional: Artista de Nossa Terra Paraíba
Equipe Jaguar Rio de Janeiro
INFOTEC PRIME Rio de Janeiro
Categoria: Rescue Maze Total equipes:


Robô Walker – Identificando e Regatando Vítimas em Catástrofes Naturais Paraíba
Tronic – Inteligência Artificial no Resgate de Vítimas em Dasastres Naturais Paraíba
TDP – Equipe Vindicta – Robô Robôlino Distrito Federal
Carbobots Robotics São Paulo
TDP – Back São Paulo
TDP – Equipe Djungelvrål São Paulo
TDP – Equipe MARS São Paulo
TDP – Equipe SnapDragon São Paulo
Robô Walker – Identificando e Regatando Vítimas em Catástrofes Naturais Paraíba
Tronic – Inteligência Artificial no Resgate de Vítimas em Dasastres Naturais Paraíba
Categoria: Soccer Lightweight Secondary Total equipes:


Copper Bahia
Categoria: Soccer Open Total equipes:


CHS DIY São Paulo
Stormtroopers LARVIC TDP 2016 Arequipa
Cyberlords Junior La Salle The Federal District
Participation Requirements

The following requirements are mandatory for team participation:

  • The registered teams must represent an educational institution .

  • An institution can be represented by several teams.

  • The registration of different teams of the same institution in the same category are allowed only if the teams are composed by different students, robots and strategies.

  • The team must be pre-registered before 23th June

  • Every team must submit a TDP (see Papers)

PS: Only Brazilian teams that take part in LARC/CBR 2017 can be able to integrate the Brazilian National Robotics Team for Robocup 2018.


After receiving the e-mail with the notification of acceptance of the team’s TDP, you must proceed with the registration. This procedure consists of payment of registration fees as listed below.

1. Login to Sistema Olimpo and go to menu My payments -> Payables.

2. You will see all your teams with their payment status. Choose the teams you want to pay by checking the boxes Select to pay for each team.

3. If your category includes some Free Professors/Teachers or Students you SHOULD check the box Select as free for each Professor/Teacher or Student who will receive the free registration.

4. If you want to pay additional Professors/Teachers or Students, check the boxes Select to pay for each Professor or Student you want to pay. You do not need to pay all team members at the same time. You can return to this screen later to proceed with additional payments. But be CAREFUL with the payments deadlines below. If you lose the team registration deadline your team can not attend the Competition.

5. When you finish checking all payments you will proceed, click on one of the buttons: Paying with PagSeguro or Pay with PayPal. You will be redirected to one of the Secure Payment systems to finish your payment. PagSeguro is a Brazilian secure payment system where you can pay using bank account deposits, bank account transfer, credit or debit cards and other. PayPal is a well-known international secure payment system where you can pay the registration fee using credit cards. As soon as your payment is confirmed your registration will be finished.

Brazilian Teams - values in R$


Registration Phase SBC/IEEE Member: Yes SBC/IEEE Member: No
Team (includes 1 free student)* Early Registration 1 (01/8 to 08/8)
Early Registration 2 (09/8 to 20/8

R$ 400,00

R$ 480,00

(21/8 – 20/09)

R$ 600,00

Student Early Registration 1 (01/8 to 08/8) Early Registration 2 (09/8 to 20/8)

R$ 180,00

R$ 220,00

R$ 200,00

R$ 240,00

(21/8 to 20/9)

R$ 260,00

R$ 300,00


R$ 500,00

R$ 550,00

Teacher Early Registration 1 (01/8 to 08/8)Early Registration 2 (09/8 to 20/8)

R$ 400,00

R$ 480,00

R$ 450,00

R$ 500,00

(21/8 to 20/9)

R$ 600,00

R$ 650,00


R$ 750,00

R$ 800,00

* The team registration for Junior Categories includes the registration of 1 Supervisor for free.

Non-Brazilian Teams - values in US$

Registration Phase SBC/IEEE Member: Yes SBC/IEEE Member: No
Team (includes 1 free student)* Early Registration(01st to 20th August)

US$ 250,00

Registration(21 August to 20 Sept)

US$ 300,00

Student Early Registration
( 01st to 20th August)

US$ 110,00

US$ 130,00

Registration (21 August to 20 Sept)

US$ 130,00

US$ 150,00


US$ 230,00

US$ 250,00

Teacher Early Registration (01st to 20th August)

US$ 190,00

US$ 200,00

Registration (21 August to 20 Sept)

US$ 230,00

US$ 250,00


US$ 320,00

US$ 350,00

* The team registration for Junior Categories includes the registration of 1 Supervisor for free.

Remote Participation - Available only for non-Latin American teams in some Categories

Registration Phase SBC/IEEE Member: Yes SBC/IEEE Member: No
Team Early Registration (01st to 20th August)

US$ 300,00

Registration (21 August to 20 Sept)

US$ 350,00

Check each category rules to see if Remote Participation is available.

Information for Brazilian Teams ONLY

Pagamento por Nota de Empenho

Para instituições públicas que irão efetuar o pagamento por nota de empenho, os seguintes procedimentos devem ser seguidos:


1. Use os seguintes dados para emissão da nota de empenho. A nota de empenho deve constar a informação de que se trata de inscrição para a LARC/CBR 2016, o <strong>nome da equipe igual como está cadastrado no Sistema Olimpo</strong> e o <strong>nome dos membros da equipe que estão sendo pagos</strong>. Também deve ser indicado <strong>o nome do estudante gratuito</strong> que a inscrição da equipe dá direito. No caso das equipes da<strong> RoboCupJunior</strong> deve ser indicado também <strong>o nome do professor gratuito</strong> que a inscrição da equipe dá direito.


Banco do Brasil

AG. 1899-6 (UFRGS)

CC. 38281-7

CNPJ 29532264/0001-78

Sociedade Brasileira de Computação

Endereço: Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500 – Setor 4 – Prédio 43412 – Sala 219
Bairro: Agronomia – Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul
CEP: 91509 – 900
Caixa Postal – 15012 – CEP 91501 – 970

2. Envie e-mail com a nota de empenho para <faturamento@sbc.org.br

3. Qualquer dúvida adicional sobre a emissão da nota de empenho deve ser esclarecida através do e-mail indicado acima.



Each team should pre-register on Olympo System (http://www.sistemaolimpo.org/) until 23th June, 2017. To perform pre-registration follow these steps:

1. Log in Olimpo System or select the Register option to register an account to access the system. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?

2. Choose the option Events and locate the LARC/CBR – Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition – 2016.

3. Click on the button Participate.

4. In the confirmation window, choose your institution and Confirm. If your account is not associated to any institution you should cancel this procedure and select My data -> My Institutions. In this window you can associate your account to an existing institution or register a new institution in the system before associate it to your account. When you finish, go back and confirm your participation.

5. Go to My interests and select the button My jobs in LARC/CBR – Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition – 2016.

6. Click Include job and then Continue.

7. In the next window you will see a field called Title of Work. You should fill in this field with your TEAM NAME. Attention: It is not your TDP title, it is your TEAM NAME. You can not change this name after final registration.

8. In the next window select ONLY ONE category to pre-register your team. Each team should be pre-registered exactly to ONE category.

9. After choosing your team category, you should add all your team members in the field Authors. Even if you are not sure if a team member will attend the competition, you should add him in this field. It will not be possible to add or change team members after TDP submission, so it is better to add all possible team members at this point. To add a team member click in the button . In the registration of Authors window, you should choose if the team member is a Teacher or Student. Then you need to fill in at least the mandatory fields(*). It is a better practice that each team member register himself before you proceed with this step, so when you type the member Name you will see his registration and just choose it and retrieve all information. Repeat this step for each team member.

10. At this point your team pre-registration is finished and you can save it by clicking in the button Save for After Submitting. If you want to submit your TDP see further instructions in Papers.


Early Registration







1st place: FEI-São Bernardo-SP2nd place: USP-A- São Carlos-SP

3rd place: FURG-RG



1st place: ITAndroids2nd place: RobotBulls2015

3rd place: FCP_GPR_2015

ROBOCUP SIMULATION 3D 1st place: BahiaRT2nd place: ITAndroids 3D

3rd place: UTBots3D

ROBOCUP@HOME 1st place: C.E.S.A.R2nd place: BahiaRT

3rd place: ROBOFEI

ROBOCUP RESCUE SIMULATION AGENTS 1st place: LarvicSaurus2nd place: Y-Rescue

3rd place: Taura Bots

STANDARD PLATFORM LEAGUE (SPL) 1st place: UnBeatables2nd place: Equipe Jaguar
Liga combinada – Humanoide e SPL 1st place: Equipe Jaguar
ROBOCUP FESTO LOGISTICS 1st place: Robosamba- UNESP Sorocaba-SP
2nd place: Expertinos- Unifei-MG3rd place: Jaguar – IFRJ

3rd place: Jaguar Baby

Equipe Destaque: EDUCDANCE

ROBOCUPJUNIOR DANCE SECONDARY 1st place: Equipe Jaguar2nd place: Positronics

3rd place: INFOTEC

ROBOCUPJUNIOR SOCCER LW PRIMARY 1st place: Casadinho e Tareco2nd place: Baymax (Equipe Destaque)

3rd place: Positronics

ROBOCUPJUNIOR SOCCER LW SECONDARY 1st place: Copper2nd place: The Force Robotics (Equipe Destaque)

3rd place: CHS Kepler

ROBOCUPJUNIOR SOCCER OPEN 1st place: CHS DIY2nd place: Uma Dupla da Pesada

3rd place: Stormtroopers (Equipe Destaque)

ROBOCUPJUNIOR MAZE 1st place: Raptor B2nd place: Mars

3rd place: Chs Maze Runners

Equipe Destaque: Futurama

ROBOCUPJUNIOR COSPACE PRIMARY 1st place: CHS Controller2nd place: CSBC Furacão

3rd place: Sacra_1

Menção Honrosa: Café com Byte Jr

ROBOCUPJUNIOR COSPACE SECONDARY 1st place: Tampico2nd place: CHS Kartus

3rd place: Next

Menção Honrosa: Café com Byte

IEEE STANDARD EDUCATIONAL KIT (SEK) 1st place: RBL (México)2nd place: Univille (Brasil)

3rd place: Equipe Asimov (Brasil)

IEEE OPEN 1st place: Comandante IE01/02 V.22nd place: RBL LARC Open UTCAM

3rd place: Game of Tronics

IEEE VERY SMALL SIZE SOCCER 1st place: Univ. Federal de Itajubá2nd place: Warthog

3rd place: Caboclinhos


3rd place: EDROM


LARC/CBR 2017 comprise the categories listed below. One category will only be guaranteed if at least THREE teams are pre-registered in the competition. The rules and particularities of each category are defined by their chairs. Contact them for any questions.


RoboCup Robotics Competition

RoboCup Soccer

-RoboCup Rescue Simulation Agents

-RoboCup @Home

- RoboCup Junior

-[RoboCup Festo Logistics


IEEE Robotics Competition

- IEEE Standard Educational Kits (SEK)

- IEEE Open

- IEEE Very Small Size

- IEEE Humanoid Robot Racing



Sugestão de Hospedagem

Sobre a cidade do Recife


Porta de entrada do Nordeste brasileiro, Recife além de belas paisagens – com pontes e rios cortando toda a cidade, atrai milhares de turistas todos os anos. Rica em manifestações culturais e folclóricas, suas raízes estão sempre traduzidas em sua essência artística e preservadas como importante patrimônio.

Recife é considerado o primeiro polo gastronômico do Nordeste, o segundo polo médico do Brasil, além de abrigar o maior parque tecnológico do País, conhecido como Porto Digital.

Fonte e mais informações sobre a cidade: www2.recife.pe.gov.br

RioMar Shopping

Na estrutura, 101.000 m² de área de lojas (ABL) em um total de 295.000 m² de área construída. Estacionamento com 6.200 vagas (70% cobertas) e duas unidades do Valet Parking.

No projeto inovador, com arquitetura sofisticada, corredores amplos, de fácil circulação e iluminação natural.

No compromisso socioambiental, o RioMar possui 40.000m² de área verde implantada, além de monitoramento e renovação do ar, economia de energia com utilização de iluminação natural, 70% dos resíduos destinados à reciclagem e compostagem, economia de 50% na utilização de água.

Um shopping incomparável integrado à paisagem do Recife e em sintonia com o momento de dinamismo de Pernambuco.

Fonte e mais informações: http://riomarrecife.com.br/


a 1,4km (3 minutos) da Avenida Boa Viagem, onde se encontra a principal orla da capital pernambucana, voltada para o lazer, a cultura e a prática desportiva. No entorno, existe uma rede hoteleira com alto padrão de qualidade.

a 4,9 km (11 minutos) de um dos principais polos de Tecnologia da Informação do país, o Porto Digital e o Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife (C.E.S.A.R). O complexo é composto por grandes empresas nacionais e multinacionais.

a 8,9 km (19 minutos) do Aeroporto Internacional dos Guararapes (Gilberto Freyre), um dos mais modernos e bonitos do Brasil. Tem o que há de mais avançado em tecnologia aeroportuária, além de ser uma galeria pública da arte pernambucana.

Como chegar



A LARC / CBR 2015 – Uberlândia – MG

A LARC / CBR 2014 – São Carlos – SP

CBR 2013 – Fortaleza – CE

LARC 2012 e CBR 2012 – Fortaleza – CE

CBR2011 – São João del-Rei – MG

LARC2010 e CBR2010– São Bernardo do Campo – SP

CBR2009 – Brasília – DF

LARC2008 e CBR2008 – Salvador- BA

CBR2007 – Florianópolis – SC

CBR2006 – Campo Grande – MS

LARC2005 e CBR2005 São Luis – MA

CBR2004 Salvador – BA

LARC2003 – Bauru – SP

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